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Worldwide leader with more than 25 years experience in air curtains.

We design and produce a complete range of air curtains for all kind of applications and installations. We provide standard models, design, customised, industrial, tailor-made, economical, high energy saving models, etc.


air curtain

creates an invisible barrier on the door, separating the locale from the climate outdoors and avoiding the entry of insects, particles, fumes, etc., without impeding access of people or vehicles.
Air curtains advantages and benefits
Airtècnics air curtains are manufactured following

high quality

and reliably exclusive criteria, obtaining high performance as well as smart and innovative design. Our range includes high energy efficiency models with EC motors, direct expansion coils and multiple jets.

These are versatile, modular air curtains with easy installation. We supply air curtains without heating, electrical heating air curtains through resistance and heating/refrigerating models using water radiators or steam with direct expansion gas coils.

Both horizontal or vertical installations are possible, as well as recessed models for false ceiling installations with integrated frames or telescopic inlets/outlets.

Each air curtain is provided with many advanced control and regulation options: manual, automatic, programmable, interface to connect to BMS/PLS, etc., ready for connection to external sensors (door contact, thermostat, valves, etc.)

We classify the air curtains in 4 main groups: commercial, design, industrial and tailor-made.

Air curtains for commercial entrances:

Applicable to small and medium sized premises, shops, bars, restaurants up to hotels, stores, supermarkets, etc.

The use of air curtains provide many commercial advantages. It´s well known that using an air curtain increases sales due to the "Open Door Effect": It also increases available usable space on entrances and customer/staff comfort: An open door is an invitation for customers to enter. Furthermore, doorway acts as a shop window and allow people to see the inside of the shop

Design Air Curtains:

The growing importance that the visual impact has in the present society has led us to combine cutting-edge technology with maximum exclusive beauty.

These air curtains are intended to cover architectural needs, landmark buildings, shopping centers, hotels or restaurants. Our range of design air curtains are 100% customisable, integrating perfectly in any environment.

Air Curtains for Industrial Doors and Cold-stores:

High pressure, strong and versatile air curtains for industrial doors, to cover the needs for large industrial doors, loading piers, hangars or train maintenance stations.

For cold-store doors, you can choose between a basic model with one high velocity jet or a special air curtains system with three air jets that, apart from dividing ambiences, it also prevents the formation of mist or snow inside the cold chamber, and ice on the floor entrance.

Tailor-made Air Curtains:

Airtècnics has a great ability to adapt to customer´s operating and aesthetic needs. We design and manufacture air curtains to meet the technical characteristics demanded by our clients. Moreover, we can customise colours, materials, logos and/or several finishes depending on each model.

Our air curtains for revolving doors are specific and tailor-made to each revolving door. We manufacture IP55 air curtains, 60Hz, electrical batteries or special water heaters, etc.

Airtècnics is the vanguard of knowledge and technology in air curtains. Our technical department collaborates with the Universitat Politècnica de Barcelona, UPC, to increase efficiency of our equipment with advanced technical solutions, consequence of this continuous and systematic investigation.

The final result is a high-performance, more effective air curtain that contributes substantially to energy saving.
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Air Curtains Range

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