• 2012.06 Heat Pump Energy Saving Air Curtains Heating and Cooling For Outdoor Units

  • 2012.06 Heat Pump Energy Saving Air Curtains Heating and Cooling For Outdoor UnitsA large part of the range of Airtecnics Air curtains can be combined with heat pump systems.
    Air Curtains heat with pump provide energy savings of 65 to 70% in both consumption and CO2 emissions.
    The heat pump supplies the energy needed to heat or cool the air passing through the fans of the air curtain.
    With a high COP of 3.7 to 4.5 (depending on the model) the efficiency is nearly one to four. Which means that for every kW of electrical energy consumed of energy we get 4kW.
    It is well known that using an air curtain minimizes energy losses through doors. This reduces the main power of the HVAC equipment and running costs. If we add the energy savings achieved by the heat pump (COP 4), the payback period is less than 2 years in most cases.
    Customers benefit from much lower air conditioning costs, can “market” their shops or buildings as sustainable (Class A) and being environmentally sensitive by reducing tons of CO2 that would otherwise be launched into the atmosphere.
    Airtecnics Air curtains heat pump equipment can be combined 1/1 with TOSHIBA, HITACHI and soon, KAYSUN.
    In the case of VRV systems, our air curtains with direct expansion coil are compatible with virtually all important market brands

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