• 2012.11 Airtècnics, also specialist in air curtains for Airports

  • 2012.11 Airtècnics, also specialist in air curtains for AirportsAirports require a wide range of specific, high quality door air curtains.
    Airports have many different types of doors and each door needs an air curtain with concrete characteristics.
    Electrical Optima air curtains have been installed in the passenger boarding bridge, at airports like Heathrow in London, Mulhouse in Switzerland, Vladivostok in Russia or Lviv in Ukraine among others, to avoid the loss of heat in the building during boarding and disembarkation of passengers.
    On the other hand, more powerful, high pressure air curtains range SMG are installed for boarding and disembarkation at gates that open directly to the tarmac, of higher dimensions and for more adverse conditions. Examples of these are at airports like El Prat in Barcelona, Jorge Newbery in Argentina and the Gerona Airport in Catalonia among others.
    For the small conveyor belt openings, the Minibel air curtain is perfect.
    Architects and designers have at their disposal a decorative range of air curtains with countless possibilities.  Zen, Rund, Dam and Deco models can be customised to integrate in the Airport environment and can even be used as gage panels.
    Even the revolving doors are provided with a specific model, the Rotowind air curtain, manufactured tailor-made for any kind of revolving door. 
    For big doors, big solutions: The XL air curtain is used for hangar doors thanks to its great power and far reaching. Three-phase Windbox XL air curtains are installed at Brunei Airport.
    When the problems are insects, Kool air curtains are a good option. These air curtains are usually used in warm countries where there is no need of heating.
    In general, for its important area, Airports require all kind of air curtains, from the small ones used in the small conveyor belt openings to huge powerful units for hangars doors.
    Thanks to our extensive experience, wide range and high quality of our air curtains, Airtècnics is a valuable specialist and one of the main suppliers of air curtains for Airport doors

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