• 2013.09 Success stories

  • 2013.09 Success storiesAs we told to you in the previous article, the air curtains are really important for companies who have problems with insects and pests.
    From Airtècnics we want to show you different success histories:

    Bimbo Group Factory, which produces bread and pastries.

    Subject: The factorys production area was an attraction focus? for flies and mosquitoes, and, a part of being annoying, it was a serious problem for the food company because they could transmit bacterium to foodstuffs and this could cause economic losses and even the factory closure for failing to comply with the hygiene and health rules.

    Solution: To avoid the flying insects entering, air curtains were placed at all factorys production area entrances. (There were installed 2 industrial air curtains: B2000A and 2 Kool air curtains: KG 1000A and KG 1500).

    Manufacturers and wholesalers of plastic products in Caldes de Montbui. (Barcelona).

    Subject: The problem was that during the installation process some insects were adhered to the film reels retractable plastic packaging.

    Solution: A ventilation unit, Airbox 200-HRZ800 of 55000m3/h was used to pressurize all manufacturing area.

    Company: APISOL SA
    Apisol is a pioneer company of Valencia in beeswax handling and beekeeping. Their most relevant products are: royal jelly, pollen, honey and jam.

    Subject: During the production process the employers usually found bees, causing inconvenience and putting at risk the public health and the hygiene management.

    Solution: A B2000A air curtain was installed at the door that separates the warehouse from the production line. Thus, bees entering was avoid in large measure.

    Company: DULCES OLMEDOThis Estepa Company in Sevilla is who produces the famous crumbly shortbread: mantecados and roscos.

    Subject: This food company works with high temperatures and this was causing a gran number of flies entering the installations.

    Solution: all doors of their installations were protected with air curtains. The air curtains provided more comfort and the flies entering was avoided in large measure.

    In this project were installed:
    - 1 RG1000A air curtain
    - 1 L1500A air curtain
    - 1 L1000A air curtain
    - 2 B2500A industrials air curtains
    - 2 L2000A air curtains
    - 3 L3000A air curtains

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